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emporium marble marbles & stones made to measure and special projects
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Emporium Marble sl  P.I. Finca Lacy  C/Modelistas parcela O-12 03600 Elda, Alicante, Spain Phone: +34 902 881 964 Fax: +34 965 378 535 VAT No.: ES B03806584  Tim Pearl  mobile: +34 617 339 094  Juan Carlos Navarro  
Experience Even the 10 years growing as Emporium Marble itself, people and companies  involved in our production  management have more than 25 / 30  years of experience in stone business, so the best management in  production and qualities is assured.  In the U.A.E. alone, we have 'fed' many projects such as Palm  Island Project 'Phase 2' and others, being listed as the Spanish  Marble supplier of preference on the supplier register of at least  three of the very top Middle-Eastern/Asian commercial  developers for the region.   References can be sought upon request ...  As Emporium Marble grows from year to year we find we are  continuously looking to take on more projects to 'feed' and more  subsequent clients  … and our track record in supply of marble  from Spain to the Middle East is very strong … especially in  Crema Marfil 60x30x2cm and 60x60x2cm tiles … and 2 cm Slabs.   Emporium Marble is also involved with commercial projects in many other parts of the globe - supporting  clients, throughout Europe, South America, Australia, and other areas which are involved with hotels, airports,  commercial centres, shopping malls and places of worship as  well as residential projects.  We're not just merely good at producing marble ... we  understand the "end-to-end" requirement that projects  necessitate... with bespoke procedure needs for each project  we support, for example we follow the client's needs from  specialised packaging and labelling down to even tonality  control specification for each floor of a tower building!! 
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